PK-386 Long Grain

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PK-386 long grains is Non-Basmati variety of rice grown in the province of Punjab, bearing similarities with Super Kernel Basmati rice with respect to looks and cooking. PK-386 is non- sticky rice made up of thin and slender kernels that does not have any aroma, while its grain length is relatively longer than other Non-Basmati varieties. Due to its superior cooking, it is hugely popular in the Middle East and African rice markets.

PK-386 Long Grain Specifications

Moisture Content: 13% Max
Chalky Grains: 3% Max.
Average Grain Length: 7.4 MM
Foreign Matter: 0.2% Max.
Polishing Grade: Double/Pearl Finish/Silky Polished
Paddy Grain: 0.2 % Max
Broken Grains: 2% Max.
Under-milled & Red-striped: 2% Max




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